Top 10 Event Management Solution Companies - 2019

In today’s digital world where the business environment is potentially at its saturation, corporate live conferences, meetings, and events have become pivotal aspects for organizations to establish personal touch points across the globe. In the wake of such transformation, event planners must explore their creative side and search for services and solutions that add value to their clients and attendees. Also, it is crucial for every event planner to look into the future to obtain a sense of expectations every attendee holds and align their solutions to provide a unique event experience.

Among the biggest trend driving the change in the event management market is data analytics. Use of information such as demographics data collected from previous events allows organizers to study the behavior pattern of attendees and make arrangements for the upcoming event according to the results extracted from the data. Examining the data also enables event coordinators to customize numerous elements related to the event. For instance, event organizers can consider developing a conference app that provides personalized suggestions for activities in real-time using pre-loaded information and integrated GPS tracker to guide attendees to the event venue.

To offer more meaningful and interactive event experiences, organizers could leverage technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR enables remote spectators to indulge in the experience of the event themselves as they are present at the venue physically. AR, on the other hand, viewers interact with computer-generated images and overlays as they move within the real world. With their unique benefits, AR and VR are both making ripples in the event management landscape today.

In this edition of Marketing Tech Outlook, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of the magazine has selected top 10 Event Management Companies  that are reliable and offer technology-driven solutions.

    Top Event Management Solution Companies

  • Offers event planners new and better solutions that they could share with event staff, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, attendees, marketing executives, and many other professionals

  • Provides all-in-one branded event management software that syncs all necessary technologies to help event organizers run and promote their events

  • Provides platform and marketplace that help great venues to be discovered, booked, and experienced by people looking to have extraordinary events

  • A mobile event app provider that develops intuitive, engaging, and information-rich solutions to enhance the overall event experience

  • a2z, Inc.

    a2z, Inc.

    Providers of a powerful web-based software suite to event planners and organizers to help them increase and boost booth sales

  • Arevea


    An online event management marketplace which offers quick response, high-quality, costfriendly, and flexible selections for events

  • Attendify


    Provides innovative solutions that bridge the gap between digital marketing and event marketing

  • Aventri


    Offers cloud-based analytics and data-driven end-to-end event management and venue sourcing solutions delivering innovative solutions to streamline the event process

  • Certain


    Provides event automation for data-driven marketers to personalize event experiences and establish meaningful connections that accelertate their business goals

  • DoubleDutch


    Provides a live engagement app that encourages attendees to connect with each other along with capturing actionable data for future events