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Boomset: Deliver Perfection in Complete Event Life Cycle with Boomset

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$alt_name"Kerem Baran, Founder & CEO
Event or conference organizers are probably good at juggling various tasks even under time pressure. They have to make sure everything is in place, which is an energy-draining task in itself. The complexities of the task increase in case of large corporate business and academic conferences as there are many things to care about, like scheduling attendees time for multiple sessions, providing full information about sessions and providing badges to registered attendees, further requirement of the event flow and overall event’s return on investment (ROI). Event planners need to use their time, budget, and materials efficiently for completing a successful event life cycle. More importantly, organizers want accurate marketing strategies to know how to better plan and prepare events. Luckily, technology has the ability to assist organizers with several event or conference management tools for managing every aspect of an event. One such company that has come forward to deliver the most user-friendly solutions for fast entry, automated event flow, and insightful ROI is Boomset.

Boomset’s integrated software platform was designed taking into note every minor requirement of attendees as well as event organizer’s staff. The company’s solutions solve the challenges event professionals face to complete a successful event lifecycle with an award-winning integrated event automation platform of apps, services and complete marketing automation. Boomset’s super-fast integrated guest list app with a user-friendly interface can make an enticing impression on the guests. Starting from checking-in through on-site check-in, walk-in registrations, notifications through email or texts, QR code scanning, taking notes of the sessions, on-demand paper badge, plastic badge, band printing, digital wallets, voucher redemption, collecting certificates, lead retrieval, access control management, signature collection, NFC technology, custom notifications on arrival and more for a comprehensive onsite event solutions to deliver hassle free experience to the guests and also helps in keeping track of guest requirements.
Moving forward into the event, attendees can check session screen and make self registration to one or multiple preferred sessions through self-check-in kiosk stations in an instant. This intuitive session selection and scheduling feature gives attendees the power to easily register and make changes at any point of time without organizers having to worry about overlapping schedules. With self-service registration, organizers are liberated to focus on other key aspects of the event. Attendees are further sent notifications for reminding them of their upcoming registered sessions. These features eliminate the need for a large number of employees in check–in process and also reduces the probability of manual errors.

Attendees are provided with radio-frequency identification (RFID)-enabled wearables at check-in to track when they arrive and the amount of time they spend in any specific area. This technological advantage helps in easily verify attendance in sessions to determine popular sessions for better future planning. This technological approach of Boomset is an efficient and cost-effective way to view full attendee schedules from RFID bands and track attendee data.

Trade show and conference planners give exhibitors the option for lead retrieval and attendee tracking in a snap through the Boomset Lead Retrieval App. Event professionals can encourage attendee participation by allowing them to make changes to their own schedule at multi-session events. The company’s technology helps in saving time, energy and budget for event planners, their staff, vendors, and event attendees.

Boomset enables planners to automate most of the repetitive tasks in organizing events and streamline the entire event lifecycle. These solutions also enhance the collaboration between the activities of organizers office and on-site teams to deliver the best guest experience.