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Gather: A Comprehensive Solution for the Hospitality Industry

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Nicholas Miller, Co-founder & CEO, GatherNicholas Miller, Co-founder & CEO
The Hospitality industry is changing rapidly due to technological advancements. Present hospitality professionals always try to analyze and identify current trends to understand future consumer behavior to enhance the guest experience. Organizations need a better technological approach to save time, manage cost, enhance productivity and balance workload among their event managing team to drive better quality of experience for their customers.

Gather, a cloud-based event management software, precisely created with deep expertise of hospitality and technology to assist event organizers in complete event life-cycle. Gather is primarily designed for the needs of small, mid-sized and large enterprises in the hospitality industry. The software helps business professionals to streamline their event workflows, starting from initial inquiry to event execution. Gather’s approach in bridging technology and hospitality has transformed the way events are booked, planned, managed and accomplished.

The platform offers features like automatic mobile notifications and updates that allow event organizers to track staff schedules and event activities. Gather’s solution allows a shared calendar and team messaging functionality for the teams to coordinate and collaborate from anywhere.

The all-in-one event sales and management platform help clients turn leads into amazing events. Gather allows guests to generate feedback, which drives customer loyalty and also attract new customers. The company’s unique marketplace and event management platform help various brands, hospitality groups, and independent venues of all sizes to increase exposure within the market, streamline booking management, and develop long-term growth.

Gather allows guests to generate feedback, which drives customer loyalty and also attract new customers

Gather works with more than 5,000 venues across the US and has helped execute one million events in 2018 alone.

Using Gather’s event management software, hospitality companies of all sizes, manage, streamline and grow into successful event management firms. Trusted by the pioneers of the hospitality industry, Gather is exceptionally user-friendly and has streamlined the entire process of event management as it is a one-stop shop for bookings, contracts, and billing.

Award-winning clients of Gather say that using Gather has enabled them to enhance the guest experience so much faster, easier and has helped them to retain more customers. Now they easily understand the customer’s order and how to navigate a simple booking process.

To further elaborate Gather’s unique solutions, Lauren Melloan, the lead coordinator of The Phoenix, a venue in Ohio, says that they needed a technological solution to streamline their processes beyond manual inputs and Excel spreadsheets. Gather’s software allowed the team to store all event data in one easy-to-access platform, make notes and have better internal communications. The software made it more accessible for the team to reach out to previous clients about hosting their upcoming events. The comprehensive software further allowed them to quickly input the lead details and promptly send a predesigned email template, which saved a lot of time.

With a collaborative team, transparent and streamlined processes, Gather has eased various aspects of event management, while at the same time enabled customers to enhance their quality of experience.