Technological Advancements in Event Management and how We Tackle These Challenges At RHG.

Top 10 Event Management Solutions Companies - 2022

Virtual events have worked wonders for helping businesses keep in touch with their audiences throughout the pandemic, but it has not always been an easy ride. Problems faced by event organizers include difficulties engaging their attendees to make a lasting impact.

There have been many important developments in event management in recent years. Those who plan and run events like conferences, exhibitions, and parties have a difficult job that requires multitasking, focus and fantastic organizational skills. The advent of the internet has simplified basic tasks, like buying exhibition equipment, but technology has benefited the industry in less obvious ways than online shopping and easy access to equipment. The secret lies in creating more immersive experiences, such as by bringing presentations to life with interactive sessions. Some proven examples include live Q&As, polling, and surveys. Another popular strategy is to keep events smaller, while also allowing attendees to network with peers outside of presentations themselves.

Technology solutions are great for making planning easy, however, they shouldn’t come at an unbearable cost. That’s why companies should carefully consider budget before adopting technology to optimize their event planning process. The data is also a vital tool for marketers and advertisers. They can use the knowledge about attendees to identify gaps in the market, tailor marketing messaging and imagery and reach audiences that previously they had not thought to target. For marketers, there are lots of ways to find and use audience data. For example, most email marketing and social media platforms have built-in analytics. Records, like the details of who clicked on what link, can be associated with an individual customer’s records on the company’s database. This means every instance where someone on your database showed an interest in a specific topic or product online can be documented. Using this information you can discover who the best prospects are for selling tickets for any event you are planning.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest tool to be adopted by companies looking for something impressive, engaging and futuristic. VR offers a highly interactive experience that allows people to virtually attend events or view event spaces from the comfort of their own home. As this technology continues to progress, it presents the whole industry with more opportunities to make every event experience more personalized and exciting.

We present to you, “Top 10 Event Management Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Event Management Solutions Companies

  • eShow offers a customized, comprehensive, and reliable event support/solution system that enables attendees, organizers, sponsors, presenters, and exhibitors to have a seamless event experience. Since 1996, eShow has been helping event managers and personnel create and organize thousands of tradeshows, conferences, summits and trainings, educational sessions, product launches, and other events globally. The company provides clients with tools and innovations to help organize and implement event processes in each phase and task of complex events.eShow’s competency originates from the synergy that it has developed among web-based event management tools and products to manage the entire ecosystem of events, from registrations to lead retrievals.

  • Everbridge empowers organizations to build enterprise resilience with its industry-leading critical event management (CEM) platform.Through its CEM platform, Everbridge offers cloud-based, software solutions to accelerate and automate an enterprise’s response to a life-safety event or business disruption. By utilizing these solutions, an organization can reliably aggregate and assess threat data, locate and reduce employee risks, and quickly automate response and communications plans. For 20 years, Everbridge has been helping organizations and governments predict, prepare and respond to digital, natural and man-made disruptions.

  • Dynamic Events

    Dynamic Events

    Dynamic Events creates moments of impact through expert meeting management and event technology. They bring people together and elevate brand through experiential marketing both in person and online

  • Enterprise Events Group

    Enterprise Events Group

    EEG delivers unparalleled expertise and brand experiences. They have the infrastructure, experience and technology of the large companies—with the high-touch, flexible approach of a small one

  • Event Cadence

    Event Cadence

    Cadence simplifies event management that can focus on what really matters:delivering the message to audience. Their mission is to bring people together.Whether it’s a company conference or a music festival, they strive to cultivateevents that leave a lasting impact

  • Eventzilla


    Eventzilla is a leading cloud-based event registration & marketing platform with thousands of users worldwide. They make it easy for event organizers to create a beautiful, professional web presence to promote their live or virtual events

  • Hubb


    The Hubb Platform makes virtual, onsite and hybrid events with powerful attendee engagement tools that bring brands to life. Hubb powers many of the world’s largest conferences. Built by event-management veterans for event professionals, Hubb gives event planners unprecedented control and agility

  • RainFocus


    RainFocus is an end-to-end event marketing and management platform built from the ground up to capture, analyze, and harness an unprecedented amount of insights that significantly improve event performance for enterprises

  • The Rock It

    The Rock It

    The Rock It! Co. is a full-scale event marketing company with an undeniable enthusiasm for the tech and software industry. They provide companies worldwide an event solution that is comprehensive, measurable and most importantly memorable

  • Wildman Event Group

    Wildman Event Group

    Wildman Event Group (WEG) is an event management company that conceives, manages and executes complex events for discerning clients around the world. WEG creates business solutions with a focus on engaging audiences through creative and unparalleled experiences that leave lasting impressions