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Top 10 Emerging Event Management Solution Companies - 2021

When a planner looks ahead to the future, there's often several big, exciting ideas they have in mind for their meetings or events. But these ideas are often overshadowed by all too common event planning challenges. For example, planning successful events on a limited budget is perhaps the most relatable and frustrating challenge today's event professionals have. The solution to maintaining a budget often starts with making the right investments with the right event technology. Event management software makes for an excellent tool for planners to invest in, but not all software solutions are alike. It's crucial to find a platform that includes lots of budget-friendly elements.

Further, in today’s competitive arena, planners must bring the latest innovations to their clients, or you rapidly become extinct (yes, just like the dinosaurs!). It's important to look for event management software that is continuously evolving to match the current event tech landscape and expectations. Are they developing new technology each year or are acquiring leading-edge technology companies? That's a good sign! Some key "wow" technologies to look for in event management software.

While planning an event, a company needs to have skilled manpower. Having the perfect fit for every single task is what the company seek on the top of everything to make the event grand, better or lavish. But yes, this problem has a solution and that is to host learning programs for such people. But still it is a time consuming task. That is why not having talented manpower is becoming a great issue to be tackled by the Event Management Industry. When it comes to hosting an event, it is immediately followed by a sponsorship. Being a sponsor led industry, Event Management Companies have to be on the hunt of a sponsor every single day.

Planning an event is not an easy task. There are aspects of event planning that are difficult and even thrive on high pressure but with right approach, it can be fun. Many people thrive off the pressure involved in Events Management. To meet out end to end requirements is like trying to make apples to apples comparison between different proposals and bids. Every event professional is under constant stress throughout the execution of an event. Since no two events are similar, the process can be long, a little bumpy as planners attempt to balance brand and the sponsor’s interests. There can generally be a lot of moving parts and it can be hard to keep track of everything–it’s part of the good, the bad and the ugly of organizing successful programming no matter how long you’ve been in business.

We present to you, “Top 10 Emerging Event Management Solution Companies - 2021.”

    Emerging Event Management Solutions Companies

  • The company offers a comprehensive range of purpose-built solutions for conducting any, and all types of Continuing Education events


  • The Rock It! Co.

    The Rock It! Co.

    The Rock It! Co. creates in-person and virtual experiences for companies worldwide that are comprehensive, measurable, and most importantly, memorable. It is a full-scale event marketing company with an undeniable enthusiasm for the tech and software industry. Essentially, The Rock It! Co. focuses on three key areas namely, event strategy, event execution, and event measurement. By partnering with leading technology companies worldwide, it creates innovative event marketing campaigns and delivers praiseworthy events

  • Arreva


    Arreva is a trusted advisor and market leader of fundraising, donor relationship management, and auction software that has been serving the nonprofit industry for more than three decades. Arreva's ExceedFurther all-in-one, fundraising and donor relationship management software is helping nonprofits worldwide further their mission, transform fundraising, and cultivate relationships with donors and constituents

  • Azavista


    Azavista is an international organization with a team composed of experienced professionals spread around the world. The company leverages technology to solve long-standing frustrations of event and conference professionals. Through the years, the company have worked to achieve their goal of providing a truly all-in-one event solution. Azavista is on a mission to help teams worldwide to craft better and more engaging events by providing event planners with the right tools needed when working in any event type

  • Brushfire


    Brushfire is an event management SaaS platform that provides assigned seat ticketing, general admission, and support for concerts, conferences, camps productions, plays, sports, and anything where people gather. Brushfire strives to facilitate successful events around the world by providing great software and service that never stops improving. The company believes that every organization deserves the most elegantly architected platform for event management, both at the technology and service layer

  • Evia Events

    Evia Events

    Evia Events has been working to enhance events and create online experiences that closely mimic the excitement of physical meetings for over 28 years. The company provides scalable solutions which support small to medium business size needs as well as large scale corporate events and conferences. Evia Events aims to equip event owners and planners with the products and services they need to make corporate event content accessible

  • Premier Virtual

    Premier Virtual

    Premier Virtual is a multi-functional SaaS platform designed to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction. The company has developed a custom-built software to facilitate hiring. It provides a virtual recruitment platform that has greater functionality and utility for both job seekers and employers. Premier Virtual's technology allows enhanced user analytics and a more personal connection with unmatched ease of use for both applicants and employers

  • Regpack


    Regpack is an online registration, payment, and user management system that enables organizations to register applicants quickly and effectively. Regpack's technology enables individualized registration packages, while seamlessly integrating online payments and providing a sophisticated yet intuitive user management platform. With a dedicated support team and comprehensive knowledge base, the company enables its partners to see higher conversion rates of users completing their application and making their payments on-time

  • Swoogo


    Swoogo is an event marketing platform that combines serious event software with a platform design for regular humans, and a price structure for modern events. The company provides services associated with events such as registration, websites, software, apps, marketing, planning, and management. Founded in 2015, Swoogo has grown from a fledgling idea in a kitchen to a thriving event marketing solution. The Swoogo team makes sure that their customers, prospects, partners and friends know that they have their back

  • Ticketbud


    Ticketbud is a user friendly, all-in-one event ticketing and registration platform with all-inclusive pricing and customer support. Ticketbud's customer support is what sets it apart. The company offers quick and easy page setup, unlimited ticket types including discounts and access codes, customize tickets and event pages, and ask attendees custom questions. Apart from that, it offers tools to assist event promotion, provides communication center for invitation management, free mobile apps, as well as robust reporting with complete access to data and email lists