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Joe Schwinger, Founder & Co-CEO, MeetingPlayJoe Schwinger, Founder & Co-CEO
The widespread COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the business world to the extent where virtual events of all shapes and sizes have become the new standard. From conducting face-to-face interactions to large scale conferences with ‘ask me anything’ sessions, all the tasks are accomplished virtually. This drastic shift to a virtual environment has challenged businesses to adapt to the new reality. The vast majority organizations have moved to virtual, but some continue to have a limited understanding of what can be accomplished in a virtual environment.
A few virtual event software companies are pushing the boundaries of what technology can do to match the excitement of a face-to-face environment at on-property meetings. With the COVID vaccine in distribution, some companies are hosting hybrid meetings where participants attend on-property and virtually at the same time to maximize impact and reach. In such a scenario, organizations need a reliable event technology partner who can provide a tailored virtual approach that meets organizations’ unique requirements.
Taking the virtual event experience to the next level in these testing times through its Visionary Event Technology is Maryland-based MeetingPlay. “Our technological solutions such as our virtual platform, mobile app, and MeetingPlay Studio enable clients to create an engaging and interactive meeting environment as per their unique demands, be it In-person, Virtual, or Hybrid,” says Joe Schwinger, the founder and Co-CEO of the company.

MeetingPlay provides customers with customization options to keep their audience experience fun, fresh and appealing based on their unique event goals. Attending a MeetingPlay virtual experience feels like being at a face-to-face event with AI-guided networking, content discovery, personalized agendas, exhibits, and more. Engagement opportunities are endless with attendee chat, 1-on-1 video conferencing, gamification, note taking, sentiment emoticons, polls and surveys, social media walls, and more. Native live and pre-recorded video delivery formats and robust integrations enable event organizers to host multiple session formats from live streamed keynotes to interactive training to small, roundtable discussions, all within the platform.

MeetingPlay provides numerous ways for sponsors and exhibitors to connect with attendees face-to-face including live office hours.

With the world returning to normalcy, our effective hybrid event management platform has been a boon, where it helps clients conduct events in-house and virtually at the same time

Accompanying MeetingPlay’s Virtual Platform, their new Studio enables customers to create, stream, or record production quality event content, all with one toolset and partner.

“With the world returning to normalcy, our effective hybrid event management platform has been a boon, where it helps clients conduct events in-house and virtually at the same time,” mentions Schwinger. Taking safe logistics into consideration, its hybrid solutions allow the on-property attendees to pre-book their seats in the room as per their preferences, without requiring them to queue with the crowd or maintain social distancing manually. Similarly, it segregates the attendees into multiple boarding groups and assigns different arrival times to prevent any bottlenecks and provide a safe event experience. For the virtual attendees, the solutions allow the on-property attendees, aptly named ambassadors, to stream the event to them on a real-time basis. It also contains options to participate in live question and answer sessions, interact live with peers for a realistic experience.

One of the major reasons for MeetingPlay’s success in conducting life-like meetings and events is its team and vast industry experience. With over nine years of expertise, the company has been successfully developing robust event management solutions, even before the big boom in virtual meetings began. However, it continues to innovate and incorporate cutting edge technologies into its offerings, enabling it to maintain a higher customer retention rate and steady growth.

Highlighting the company’s proficiency in conducting engaging and realistic events is its collaboration with a global hotel chain. The hotel was conducting its first hybrid meeting and wanted a reliable event management partner to conduct an enriching and interactive engagement with the highest safety standards. MeetingPlay was responsible for handling the logistics of the attendees, selecting their preferred seating locations, and scheduling multiple arrival times to prevent crowding. The company also installed a multi-camera view for the virtual attendees enabling them to observe the event from multiple angles at any given time.

Without resting on its laurels, the company is looking to continue innovating and developing industry-leading event management solutions to bridge the gap between virtual attendees and on-property attendees. Through these exceptional technologies, MeetingPlay is aspiring to be the torch-bearer for the event technology field.
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Joe Schwinger, Founder & Co-CEO

MeetingPlay provides visionary event technology for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It is a reliable partner that enables its clients to bring its best event experience to life. Built to scale, the company’s intelligent event technology creates personalized attendee experiences for events large and small. MeetingPlay's Virtual Engagement Platform can help its clients deliver experiences that closely resemble face-to-face meetings. Attendees should not sit through hours of didactic sessions. MeetingPlay's virtual event platform provides the tools to capture the audience’s attention and keep them participating all day long with unique interfaces and resources