Limelight Platform: Improving the Customer Experience via Experiential Marketing

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Jonah Midanik, Founder and Chairperson, Limelight PlatformJonah Midanik, Founder and Chairperson
From the traditional, far-reaching technologies such as radio and television to internet-based media and augmented realities, marketing has undergone a massive transformation in this age of rapid digital advancement. In other words, the digital maturity of an enterprise today offers marketing and advertising agencies a slew of new opportunities to create an attractive and profitable customer experience. And successfully making the most of this technologically-driven momentum in the marketing landscape is Limelight Platform, an aptly named software company that focuses on enhancing the impact of experiential marketing for consumer brands. The company has developed a holistic, AI-based platform that integrates into existing systems, and relies on robust data and analytics to deliver measurable experiences while producing significant ROI.

Founded in 2014, the company enhances an organization’s customer experience (CX) and improves results from events and experiential marketing efforts at scale. According to Jonah Midanik, founder and chairperson of Limelight Platform, there is a twofold approach to achieving desired results through adding a digital element to experiential marketing. “Companies want to incite a single, unique reaction from consumers when their brand is advertized via onsite or online interactions,” he adds. Limelight Platform offers an enterprise the ability to create meaningful, relevant, and contextual experiences and provide personalized and connected customer journeys. Brands can communicate with their customers in the live environment via email, text messaging and consumer devices, and keep track of every customer interaction before, during and after an event. The platform offers robust analytics that enable brands to understand consumer behaviour, make better decisions about future experiential marketing campaigns, and optimize existing marketing operations. Ranging from major sporting events, consumer shows and concerts, to other onsite outreach activities, the solution records consumer data with high accuracy and analyzes results in real-time.
The software also has the ability and tools to seamlessly integrate with a client’s existing software stack such as Salesforce, Oracle, or Adobe, in order to achieve desired conversions and marketing goals.

Limelight Platform's solution is specifically built to optimize marketing efforts during events and experiential campaigns, at scale. “We work with several brands and when they employ our platform at an event like CES, our solution is capable of generating real-time consumer analytics and reports that clients can use to create the next level of personalized digital CX,” states Midanik. Additionally, owing to the platform’s quick implementation and ease of use, clients also experience minimal downtime and can focus their attention toward generating leads faster. Coupling such features with an immaculate 24/7 customer support and 99.99 percent uptime, the company’s solution further bolsters its position as a leading digital experiential marketing solutions provider in today’s globally competitive marketplace.

To provide more insight into the platform’s functionalities, Midanik shares the case study of a leading European luxury car manufacturer that employed the Limelight platform. The client was in need of a solution that could help their marketing department better manage the deluge of consumer data during various events such as international races, sponsorship activities, test drives, and event registrations. Before the client implemented Limelight Platform’s software solution, they tried managing data with the help of ten different business departments across their entire brand—including subsidiaries—to consolidate the overall CX in conjunction with their then agency. “This method of operation proved to be laborious and the agency at the time was not able to create personalized content to deliver at scale,” adds Midanik. After the automotive giant implemented Limelight Platform’s solution, all marketing operations were consolidated and placed under a single umbrella, which completely streamlined existing workflows and eliminated confusion. This helped the client effectively manage their consumer data, while delivering the desired CX. The company's solution proved highly resourceful for this client, and the firm promises the same for other enterprises across various verticals.

Moving forward, the company intends to continually develop its AI capabilities and bolster security. Owing to its fairly large and influential client base, Limelight has access to some of the biggest data sets in the industry, enabling them to deploy the right content to attract desired demographics and drive highly profitable results.
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Limelight Platform

Limelight Platform

Toronto, Canada

Jonah Midanik, Founder and Chairperson

Founded in 2014, the company focuses on enhancing an organization's customer experience (CX) and improving results from events and experiential marketing. According to Midanik, there is a twofold approach to achieve the desired results through experiential marketing. With Limelight Platform's solution, an enterprise is empowered with the ability to create meaningful, relevant, and contextual experiences that can be measured and analyzed to optimize future marketing campaigns. Ranging from major events to smaller onsite activities, the platform keeps track of every interaction, analyzes results in real-time, and seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing software stack.