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EventsCase: Steering Event Management into a New Age

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Jose Bort, CEO, EventscaseJose Bort, CEO As spring set in, event agencies were busy hosting corporate events. One of those agencies was looking forward to conducting an upcoming corporate event. The event manager of the organization was entrusted with the task of handling guest lists along with their registration data and giving attendees the event details such as the venue, program, speakers, and sponsors. For conducting the event successfully, the manager and his team were relying on heaps of spreadsheets, e-mail programs, and desktop publishing software.

When the day arrived, the event organizer failed to send venue information to every guest due to misplaced attendee records, which led to plenty of confusion in registering attendees. Unable to manage the guest list, the event planner wanted a magic wand that can put every aspect of event management in one place, making it easier for organizers to plan, market, and produce their event along with creating a seamless experience for the attendees.

Back in 2012, Jose Bort and Iván García created this magic wand in the form of a ‘professional events community’ to streamline the event management processes. This marked the genesis of EventsCase—an online platform for attendees, organizers, speakers, and sponsors to work together.

“EventsCase is all-in-one event management software that syncs different technologies to help event organizers run and promote their events”

The initial idea of forming a community was successful. However, the demands of the event industry were growing with respect to technology. This led the founders to monetize their solution and transform it into what it is today. What would be a simple event finder and networking community has now evolved into a white label event management software system—EventsCase.

EventsCase is a technological company with a vocation for service. What differentiates it is the cost and time the event management platform saves the event organizers. “The world of events requires great planning within shorter timeframes, and we want to improve the lives of the event planners and their marketing departments,” stresses Jose Bort, CEO, EventsCase.

Aiding Event Organizers

EventsCase is an all-in-one event management software that syncs different technologies to help event organizers run and promote their events. The platform leverages some of the best engaging technologies in the market such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and task management, employing platforms like Salesforce, SAP, and Jira Software respectively.

The world of events requires great planning within shorter timeframes, and we want to improve the lives of the event planners and their marketing departments

The event management platform offers features such as event apps, websites, onsite registration, and check-in/ out, 1-2-1 meetings, and much more. All these features can also be purchased as a product independent of the platform. These products are customizable, allowing the planners to decide the modules and design of the products they need. EventsCase offers personalized as well as excellent after-sales service with an ability to adapt the latest technologies, enabling anyone without programming training to do the job. With no coding skills required, the platform is easy to use along with the availability of customer support around the clock. Also, EventsCase is modular and supports multiple languages including Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic. Being modular, EventsCase allows event planners the flexibility to choose the products they need.

EventsCase is not only suitable for large fairs or congresses but also internal meetings, press or technical conferences, among many other events. It is a tool that addresses the core values and principles of event management, making the job of event organizers easier. The software ticks all the boxes with regard to what attendees and event organizers need before and during events. It effectively tackles all stages of event lifecycle and helps event organizers to create event apps and websites, manage onsite registration and check-in/out, arrange meetings, and increase email marketing campaigns.

Creating an event app eliminates the need for printed programs and registration packs for any event. It provides attendees the access to event details such as the venue, program, speakers, and sponsors. With off-line functionality, the event app continues to be a helpful guide even without an internet connection. It can also synchronize registration data and web content data in real time. The event app promotes sponsorship, places advertisements as well as endorses them via push notifications thereby increasing the revenue for event agencies.

Presently, most of the attendees go to events for expanding their networking by connecting with new people. The event app proves to be a perfect tool for networking. It supports attendees to widen network by giving them access to the attendee list and individual profiles. The app also provides them with the opportunity to send text messages and share content with each other.

As EventsCase supports onsite check-in/out, the event planners no longer need to print the attendee lists for the staff at the registration desk. Instead, they can send badges via email, which attendees can print on their own. EventsCase has also designed specific processes depending on event type and size. These processes help in reducing queues using the badging tool, onsite check-in app, and kiosk app for self-check-in.

Email marketing is the latest feature added to the EventsCase software. It allows event agencies to carry out mass email campaigns and provide statistics to optimize their work.
Another aspect included is remarketing, which is a fundamental strategy to segmenting and customizing the information event planners want to send.

EventsCase caters to banking, pharma, telecom, agencies, corporates, and small event industries. Just like every industry considers security to be a crucial factor, it is also a very important element for EventsCase. The company employs specific security measures to safeguard its clients’ data. EventsCase takes peripheral security steps with a firewall, content delivery network (CDN), and load balancers system to prevent attacks even before requests reach the server. The company has specialized personnel in security to conduct internal audits for software updates as well as external audits for customers to ensure their data is secure. In addition, EventsCase creates a copy of the software in an independent server infrastructure in order to provide greater security, stability, and traceability of the data.

Noteworthy Achievements and Harmonious Collaborations

During its initial years, the technological investors in the U.K. discovered the potential of EventsCase and supported the company from the beginning until the point it has reached now. Today, EventsCase is a completely developed software and is offered in several markets around the world including Europe, America, and Asia.

EventsCase takes pride in the clientele it serves that includes diverse institutions such as the United Nations for its most important event of the year in Europe and Ministry of Energy of Saudi Arabia, where the language, brand image, and security are a great challenge for many. “We are proud to be the only ones that have been able to provide them with what they needed,” says Bort. In the past two years, EventsCase has tripled the volume of its business annually and it intends to maintain the same momentum.

Recently, EventsCase and Associated Spanish Event Agencies (AEVEA) extended their partnership with an aim to enhance the synergies established between both the companies. As a technological partner, EventsCase will sponsor the next AEVEAlab, which will be held in Madrid in May as well as October and in Barcelona in September. All these sponsored events will emphasize the current issues and interest in the sector. For instance, the AEVEAlab scheduled to be held in May will shed light on the event design canvas methodology, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.

AEVEA will employ the EventsCase software in each of its events, namely the solution registration and ticketing for enrolment. With it, the association can collect as well as manage information and online payments. EventCase will help AEVEA in all the registration processes to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its events. “We are delighted to continue collaborating with AEVEA, a reference for us and the entire event sector in Spain,” says Bort.

EventsCase strongly believes that event management software will become an event planner’s best friend in the near future. With this philosophy, the company will continue to offer the people working with it the possibility of building their own networks and communities, empowering them to grow and go one step further.
- Shikha Patra
    April 15, 2019