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Cadence: Reimagining Event Networking & Appointments

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Michael Buckley, Co-Founder and CEO, CadenceMichael Buckley, Co-Founder and CEO You’re out on the open sea in a boat that has stuck a leak. One leak turns into two, two turns into five, five turns into 20. Are you better off patching up the leaks or abandoning ship?

Business mogul Warren Buffet says, “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” While the company we’re delving into has no relation to boats, this perfectly illustrates the necessity to revamp antiquated business processes in the wake of continuous technological advancements.

In the pharma arena, for example, the age-old customer engagement methodology is becoming quickly obsolete. Traditionally, pharma field-based employees waste countless hours in the waiting rooms of healthcare institutions before getting the chance to pitch their products or services to medical professionals. Subsequently, doctors are required to consult more patients than ever on a daily basis due to new regulations. For these reasons, physicians could not devote enough time to engage with and discuss new, vital medical innovations.

As an alternative to the traditional approach, pharma companies have started sending personnel to medical conferences where they can meet doctors and gain their support. However, as medical and pharmaceutical conferences tend to be large-scale events, successful interaction with a preferred doctor requires extensive planning. Pharma companies must align the availability of both internal employees and the doctors, taking into account thousands of unique schedules, which is excessively complex.

Simplifying this process with an innovative event management and experience platform is New Yorkbased Cadence. “Our platform makes scheduling effortless so that teams can focus on what really matters: having purposeful conversations with their customers,” says Michael Buckley, co-founder and CEO of Cadence.

Events Made Simple

At its core, Cadence’s platform helps businesses put an end to opaqueness when communicating with potential customers. For instance, inefficient, back and forth messages cause scheduling conflicts and frustration among employees and their customers. “Cadence turns the process of scheduling appointments into a frictionless and seamless experience for customers,” says Buckley.

Cadence’s platform approaches scheduling strategically. The technology gathers medical professionals’ and pharma team members availability during an event and offers them a list of according dates, times, and conference topics. The platform accounts for both the customers and internal team members time-zones across the world. Upon confirming the appointment, the platform automatically generates the online meeting details if a virtual appointment or selects the meeting room if an in-person appointment.

Customer Engagement Sets Cadence Apart

Cadence’s most impressive differentiation from other event management solutions is its ability to become an extension of an organization. The platform integrates all of the existing enterprise software in a company, thereby enhancing the overall visibility of their team’s schedule, organizational groups and the history of the relationship with the customer. At the same time, the easy-to-use interface boosts Cadence’s on-boarding process and delivers an incredibly simple and effective experience.

With Cadence, event managers do not have to worry about the cumbersome process of delivering information and resources to specific teams in a timely manner, thereby saving a significant amount of time and organizational resources

The company provides unprecedented value by synchronizing a user’s upcoming appointments with their calendar, such as Outlook. “Our platform’s calendar sync functionality drives seamless adoption across an organization, even among senior employees and others who do not prefer sophisticated technology solutions,” explains Buckley. In fact, over the last three years, Cadence’s calendar synchronization has been key in enhancing the efficacy of its customer on-boarding and engagement processes.

Cadence also integrates with a customer’s internal HR system. It gathers critical information on their operations to assist event organizers in performing event management based tasks. The platform enables event organizers to selectively connect with departments or personnel—a functionality not present in a majority of other event management software. “With Cadence, event managers do not have to worry about the cumbersome process of sending key information to specific teams in a timely manner, thereby saving a significant amount of time and organizational resources,” Buckley explained. Concurrently, Cadence stores critical resources, such as core communications, scientific statements and FAQS, distributed to employees in real-time wherever they may be in the world. This helps teams remain up-to-date with the latest operational developments of their organizations and use the information to better interact with potential customers.

Above all, Cadence aids its customers by connecting all of the key facets of their event under a unified all-in-one event experience interface. From assessing the message the customer wants to deliver to helping team members effectively schedule their conference schedule, internal meetings and customer appointments, Cadence’s platform helps to bring a return on investment for the business’s event budget, overall goals, and strategic objectives.

A Culture that Guarantees Customers Success

As an organization, Cadence continuously thrives to create and maintain a culture that boosts communication and collaboration.

“All of the employees at Cadence are friends first and colleagues later. This has helped us foster an environment where individuals can have fun coming up with innovative ideas on how to enhance our platform,” states Buckley. And one of the prominent pieces in Cadence’s culture of collaboration is the company’s weekly “Family Meeting.” These meetings are typically two hours long. The first 60 minutes involve discussions on the latest developments from each department, and it is followed by two 30-minute sessions for company updates and exercises.

In these exercises, employees from all departments fill out a survey designed to recognize the preferred communication, recognition, and troubleshooting styles between the different facets of the company. By understanding the day-to-day projects of their counterparts, they are able to provide fresh, honest feedback centered on improvement.
Not to mention, this imbues unrivaled accountability and helps them effectively tackle their individual and team-related challenges.

Apart from its “Family Meeting,” the company also organizes weekly one on ones, company workshops, and department meetings where employees are encouraged to send ideas for the agenda. Buckley believes that the Wednesday workshops are one of the key drivers of value in the company, as it enhances the ideation process behind Cadence’s best functionalities, business strategies, and future roadmaps.

Cadence in Action

When taking into account the company’s forward thinking matched by advanced technology, it is no surprise that Cadence has ignited several customer success stories.

"Our platform simplifies virtual and in-person event management so that teams can focus on what really matters: having purposeful conversations with their customers"

Cadence assisted Merck & Co., an American multinational pharmaceutical company, with enhancing networking at corporate conferences. Initially, due to the massive scope and need for communication between departments and global regions, the pharma giant was looking to minimize instances of double booking and over-contacting customers. With Cadence, Merck was able to bring visibility across the entire organization. The platform enabled transparent communication which enhanced decision-making with respect to the event and the customer conversations to focus on. Over the last two years, since the deployment of Cadence’s platform, Merck witnessed a 200 percent increase in the number of appointments and gained a significantly positive return on investment.

Currently, Cadence collaborates primarily with healthcare and pharma companies with a key focus on the oncology arena. With the help of Cadence, Merck has assisted a myriad of its customers in contacting key opinion leaders more effectively by consolidating information on appointments made at an event and aligning that with the schedules of their employees.

A Future Geared Toward Value

The secret behind Cadence’s success is the passion and commitment of its members and leadership. Buckley and his team place significant emphasis on improving and simplifying the lives of their customers. As Cadence continues to receive positive feedback, the company is generating more and more capabilities to enhance the platform.

The company is currently improving the customer engagement aspect of the platform and gearing up to introduce a qualitative assessment of the conversations that occur. To this end, Cadence has developed a CRM-like functionality to allow users to transform the data they have on their customers into actionable insights. “So, all our users have to do is look through the list of customers stored in our platform and strategically map out the finer details of how they are going to engage with them,” explains Buckley. This capability, combined with the platform’s unique scheduling feature, offers unparalleled control on every aspect of the event. The company is also continuing to grow by expanding its design team—which is primarily based in Barcelona— to deliver superior product design and user interfaces. And in light of these developments, Cadence aims to continue developing next-generation functionalities to fulfill its mission of helping businesses communicate messages and connect people.

In other words, forget the patches and abandon the leaky boat. Cadence is your way back to shore.
- Debra Morgan
    July 09, 2020
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Michael Buckley, Co-Founder and CEO

Cadence simplifies event management so that you can focus on what really matters: delivering the message to your audience. The company mission is to bring people together. Whether it’s a company conference or a music festival, we strive to cultivate events that leave a lasting impact. Our team can attest to the powerful moments and bonds that form in these experiences