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Zkipster: The Software for your next Guest List Event

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David Becker, CEO & Co-Founder, ZkipsterDavid Becker, CEO & Co-Founder
Event management is a comprehensive and challenging job. A successful event is the product of a coordinated effort at every stage—inviting guests, making the guest list, ensuring their check-in, seating arrangements, and so on. It requires multi-tasking at multiple levels, identifying and closing the gates to fatal errors, where even a small glitch could jeopardize the whole effort.

zkipster, an event management software provider, helps make event management a hassle-free job, unburdening the frenetic duties of an event manager. The company provides its self-titled software product to help manage even the most multi-faceted event plan while maintaining a high level of data privacy around guest information. Addressing concerns about data privacy, “We are a Swiss company, and we handle our guest data almost to the level of a Swiss private banker. Guest data is precious, and it deserves a high level of security, especially when our customers are dealing with the highly influential guests,” says David Becker, CEO and Co-founder of zkipster.

Thousands of event and PR professionals worldwide have become trusted users of zkipster. The product offers multiple functions: Online invitations, guestlist management, name badges, seatings, and event check-in, which help overcome every major hurdle that events managers face for non-ticketed special events.

Through the platform, events professionals can send customized invitations to their guests through email links, to confirm their attendance. Once the guest confirms through the link, the guest data is sent automatically into the guest list platform, which is stored on the cloud. Using the guest information that was collected, the platform provides the event manager with several options to create the seating arrangements, while keeping the customization criteria alive. When it comes to guest check-in at the event, the application can fast-track the operation with QR code scanning for hassle-free check-ins and provides the option to print name badges on the spot.

We are a Swiss company, and we handle our guest data almost to the level of a Swiss private banker. Because guest data is precious, and that level of security is essential

The analog way of doing things came with blackout periods, after which no guest entry to the list would be possible. With zkipster, the guest list updates automatically, and the dreaded blackout period is completely avoided, as the online invitation component helps synchronize with the guest list in real-time. Furthermore, the plug-and-play option to integrate with leading CRMs like Salesforce enables an automatic transfer of guest data between the user’s CRM platform and zkipster.

A leading event production agency in Los Angeles, Westhaus, uses zkipster to solve problems beyond the standard roster associated with major event management. zkipster aided the agency in managing media relations. zkipster was able to intelligently and promptly give members of the media access to an approved version of the guest list at the event, including publicly available headshots of artists that were featured on the red carpet.

Though the company has set its trademark in developing unique and resilient software solutions to the major event management problems, it never lost its thirst to make itself stand out in the industry as a leader. During the initial peak of the COVID-19 crisis, zkipster launched a virtual platform for the global event community to share best practices and brainstorm solutions. The company's collaboration with financial institutions, software enterprises, and government contracts, has helped them gain a broader understanding of the regulatory requirements. As a result, zkipster has started to invest in higher standards of security, leading to conversations with key decision-makers in global organizations. These executives understand the power of special events and how it can fuel their marketing, PR, sales, and customer retention programs on a global scale.

"When it comes to data protection and security, we have invested a lot in internal education with our team so that we could cater to the needs of technology buyers. We understand that new requirements in security and increasing data regulations are a substantial opportunity for a company that manages sensible and high profile guest data," concludes David Becker.
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David Becker, CEO & Co-Founder

Trusted by event professionals worldwide, zkipster helps the best invitation-only events happen. From custom online invitations and guest lists to fast, reliable, and secure guest check-in, zkipster is used regularly by global brands and organizations in more than 100 countries all over North America, Europe, and Asia at galas, premieres, fundraisers, product launches, conferences, and corporate events