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EdgeFive Group: Delivering Turnkey Event Production Solutions

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Jesse Carrillo, Partner, EdgeFive GroupJesse Carrillo, Partner
As technology continues to change the way businesses sell their products, several industry sectors today are shifting their approach toward the management and execution of marketing events by deploying intuitive tech-based tools. With these deployments, organizations aim to develop marketing strategies that attract the right audience, gather insights on the attendees, and offer targeted in-event activities that drive sales opportunities. However, more often than not, new-age event management firms fail to deliver on their promise of a successful event due to their limited approach. Generally, event managers take a siloed approach to the management of a conference/convention, which causes dissonance between the disparate parties and causes inefficiencies in the delivery of a business’ message to the attendees. To mitigate this challenge, Utah based event services company EdgeFive Group employs a holistic approach that drives transparent communication and collaboration between in-house teams and outsourced vendors to bring its clients messaging to life.

According to Jesse Carrillo, Partner at EdgeFive Group, “Most modern events begin with defining a business’ identity and their strategic goals with the event. However, in today’s ever-evolving marketplace, what drives success is how equipped a business is to the sudden changes in market trends.” To drive this point further, he mentions the real-world example of how the coronavirus outbreak is leading many businesses to cancel their events. And how EdgeFive’s highly flexible, holistic, and proactive portfolio of sales and marketing solutions can help such enterprises to modify their event strategy to create other avenues of opportunity to companies to reach their audiences.

The company offers three core solutions—EdgeFive Predict®, EdgeFive On-Demand®, and EdgeFive Labor Guarantee®—that are geared toward the overall enhancement of an organization’s ability to achieve its strategic sales and marketing objectives. That being said, EdgeFive Predict allows the company to gather critical data on the client’s past events and aligns it with the current industry trends, boosting the efficacy of their ongoing events. Additionally, in cases where a business has to change the scope of the event due to higher demands or other factors, EdgeFive Predict enables them to accurately project the overall expense caused by the modification. “EdgeFive Predict allows businesses to see into the future a little bit, which allows them to see red flags and make the necessary augmentation required to ensure a successful event,” opines Carrillo. On the other hand, the company’s EdgeFive On-Demand offering allows organizations to leverage EdgeFive’s extensive sales and marketing experience and vendor network, and perform branding, marketing, and sales iterations that ascertain the successful generation of sales leads.

Unlike our contemporaries, we are a service-based company that provides the necessary equipment and labor as well as products that intelligently drive a client’s focus toward the audience they want to target

EdgeFive On-Demand consists of a suite of solutions—everything from building a firm’s LinkedIn page and presence to working with media outlets for distributing their press releases in the right place based on the target demographic. The company also offers its EdgeFive Labor Guarantee solution to provide businesses with a single price and quote for the required labor, which allows firms to bypass the issue of on-site changes and optimize their budgets far in advance.

Apart from its solutions, EdgeFive offers training workshops where the company’s leadership discusses the pitfalls of a client’s siloed approach and perform training sessions to help them make the most of their deployment and deliver a successful event. “Through our workshops, we aid senior management effectively define their message and educate them on how to deliver in the best possible way,” adds Carrillo.

With such unmatched competencies, EdgeFive has ignited several success stories since its inception in 2018. In one instance, the company assisted a technology firm based in the Bay Area successfully deliver their message throughout their roadshow across the U.S., which comprised three main events in different cities. The main challenge in this scenario was the parallel management of crews, vendors, and setups in multiple locations while maintaining the consistency of the overall theme at each event. To resolve this challenge, EdgeFive leveraged its widespread partner network, gathered crews in the three locations, and assigned a core team that would overlap to ensure that the message delivered at the events were aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. With this collaboration with EdgeFive, the tech company was able to perform the planned events with great success in 10 days.

At the core of EdgeFive’s success is its holistic approach to event management, which allows the company to go beyond a traditional production company and become an integral part of a client’s success. “Unlike our contemporaries, we are a service-based company that provides the necessary equipment and labor as well as products that intelligently drive a client’s focus toward the audience they want to target,” states Carrillo. Moreover, the company’s highly experienced (at least ten years) team of professionals hailing from various backgrounds plays a critical role in its success as their passion has fostered a work culture that drives excellence. And as employees resolve more client challenges, they grow more competent in their roles and become adept at ensuring that the client feels comfortable and at ease throughout the management of their events.

Looking ahead, the company aims to expand the functionalities of its portfolio to enhance its ability to cope with the ever-changing trends of the marketing realm. “No one knows what tomorrow holds; there are going to be newer developments and more avenues to engage with audiences, and our current roadmap is poised to get us ahead of that curve and serve our clients,” concludes Carrillo.

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EdgeFive Group

EdgeFive Group

Salt Lake City, UT

Jesse Carrillo, Partner

EdgeFive Group is an industry-leading marketing and event production company. With a unique combination of unmatched marketing and sales experience, we support event and marketing teams globally to bring our client’s messaging to life. Whether it’s through live event production, launching a new product or creating go-to-market strategies, EdgeFive Group has the expertise and resources to help organizations scale and grow