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Brown Pelican WiFi: Bad WiFi Can Never Rain on Your Parade

Marybeth Hall, CEO, Brown Pelican WiFiMarybeth Hall, CEO
In every corporate office, hotel, café, and household, the ability to access the internet wirelessly through any capable device is something almost everyone takes for granted. Only when internet connectivity is disrupted are we suddenly jerked back into the now disoriented mess of a workflow. The consumer base has grown to expect WiFi-enabled internet access at nearly every event these days, be it at a public product launch, a company-hosted marathon, or an art exhibition held outdoors on Alcatraz.

It is especially important for managers of corporate events that host conferences, hackathons, and trade shows to partner with a WiFi solution provider who can connect the tens of thousands of devices brought by the attendees to the designated location. These event organizers require a market innovator that can connect the masses wirelessly to the internet with zero latency. Providing white glove services and technology to its clients for 10 years, Brown Pelican WiFi has been bridging the gap between tech and the event-focused people involved.

With humble origins in tech consultancy, Brown Pelican WiFi has grown to provide exemplary WiFi solutions to the throngs of people who attend corporate events. In 2009, Glenn Hall—with a decade’s worth of experience working within the event production and marketing industry—founded the company as a pure technology consultancy for large corporate events. However, soon after the company’s inception, Hall realized that there was a well of untapped potential with enterprise customers requiring a specialized WiFi solution scalable enough for a broad audience yet did not involve a scattered usage of MiFi as a quick-fix solution. When Marybeth Hall took to the helm of the company as its CEO in 2013, it quickly grew to be an industry leading WiFi solution provider that addressed the needs of these clients and their events. Brown Pelican WiFi is a company that is transparent in all its processes. When approached with requests that are unfamiliar to the company’s team, they are flexible and innovative enough to find a new route to a solution.

Its current business model is best suited for medium to large-sized events. While the company provides stellar WiFi networks for large scale events, it also delivers separate, focused, and secured networks for VIP attendees and all the C-level executives.
Glenn Hall, Founder

“We live by the belief that an effective IT solution including the right WiFi network is the lifeblood of many events because the user experience at these events depends on the technology,” says Marybeth. The company’s custom temporary WiFi network solutions are perfect for convention spaces within corporate buildings and even outdoor locations. A custom WiFi installation has the added benefit of only working within the parameters of the event’s location, which provides a more secure and dedicated network. If clients so desire, Brown Pelican can offer permanent WiFi installation services at any location. Often, this endeavor also costs less since the hardware to provide the WiFi services is already set up and maintained regularly.

We live by the belief that an effective IT solution including the right WiFi network is the lifeblood of many events because the user experience at these events depends on the technology

Whether it is setting up a permanent WiFi network or installing a temporary solution, the Brown Pelican team always takes a well-rounded project management approach when they solve client issues. The management team engages with the client to gather information, which is then relayed to the technical teams who tailor a well-fitting solution. “One of the things we focus on is educating our clients on the go, such that they make better decisions to yield better results,” adds Marybeth, when elaborating on the company’s approach. This has helped the company in managing a vast portfolio of projects for major tech brands and working with them to map out strategies on product launches critical to mission success.

The husband-wife duo leads Brown Pelican in fine-tuning mission-critical work using their technical finesse to steer their company ahead of the competition. Its consistency in providing excellent WiFi networks to large events is primarily rooted in the couple’s belief that ‘no matter what, the show must go on.’ Even in high intensity hostile environments—that most organizations would buckle under—Brown Pelican WiFi treads the path to provide a flawless WiFi experience to make sure that the show does, indeed, go on.
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Brown Pelican WiFi

Brown Pelican WiFi

Sausalito, CA

Marybeth Hall, CEO and Glenn Hall, Founder

Brown Pelican WiFi are experts in building and managing reliable event WiFi networks customized for events nationwide and globally. Since its inception in 2009, Brown Pelican has provided dependable and secure WiFi anywhere in the world. As a result of the team’s extensive experience working specifically in the event business, the company has seen just about everything, which gives it the tools and expertise to understand and design a WiFi solution for any unique event. While the company provides WiFi networks for large scale events, it also delivers separate, secured networks for VIP attendees and all the C-level executives